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  • S'mores

    Imagine relaxing around a crackling campfire with friends, gazing up at a star-filled night sky, crickets chirping in the distance and the fire casting a warm amber glow as your friends share jokes and ghost stories. The only thing missing is… snacks! And what's the all time ultimate snack for such a perfect night? You guessed it: S'mores

    Find a perfect stick, sharpen the end, poke it through that plump little lump of fluffy white goodness… Now hold your marshmallow out over the campfire. Turn it slowly, carefully… not too close to the flames! One false move and your toasty little prize will catch fire and blaze itself to a carbon crisp. But with a light touch and a few well-timed turns, you can roast that marshmallow to perfection!

    Oh, yeah. This is gonna be good. Mmmmm melty marshmallow. Creamy smooth milk chocolate. Crispy crunchy graham cracker. Stack 'em up… and squish.

    Enjoy a virtual S'more with S'mores iPhone Application! Let Mr. Toasty guide you thru the process.

    Project Type: iPhone Game
    Category: Game & Entertainment

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  • H20

    H20Polo IS HERE - the very first water polo video game. It is long overdue, but finally the water polo audience has a chance to virtually experience one of the oldest and toughest sports. Specific in nature due to being contained and played in the pool, water polo has been constrained to any other experience but the real one. H20Polo version 1.0 is a virtual extension of the sport. It serves as an introduction to what every water polo player believes is "the greatest sport ever."

    WATER POLO: the stamina of a marathon, the contact of hockey, the strategy of chess….

    Project Type: iPhone Game
    Category: Game & Entertainment

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  • Appin4Gold

    Appin4Gold - the APP that gives MONEY back!

    1848 saw the "California Gold Rush" - now you can experience the "Virtual Gold Rush" with Appin4Gold! 20% of download funds accumulate in the "Crock O' Gold" and this is your chance to hit it big and win all that cash for yourself, you can treat it as your own personal "Fort Knox". Remember to tell your friends because the more people that download Appin4Gold the larger your prize fund becomes!

    Go River Pannin with "Petey" where skillfully you will use your handset as a gold pan, dipping it in and out of the river and sifting left to right to determine the amount of gold you wish to submit. Your objective is to submit an amount that will match the Euro(€)price of an ounce of Gold that day at 18:00 GMT.

    If you're in a rush choose Crock O' Gold and let "Lukey the Leprechaun" pick a price to submit for you just by shaking your handset.

    Project Type: iPhone Game
    Category: Game & Entertainment

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  • Bug N Out

    Its spring break and it's time to get some sun and party on!!! You've just had your Mustang GT washed to prepare yourself on a nice road to the beach for a car show extravaganza.

    However, your path to the beach will have to encompass some obstacles – mainly these flying BUGS!!! Hey you have a GT, man, this shouldn't be a problem. Let's just maneuver around these flying suckers.

    Your job is simple: swerve your way through the road to avoid these bugs from hitting your newly cleaned windshield. Will you be able to reach your destination before being blinded by these bugs guts? Let's see your skills, player!

    Don't worry, you have a water pump spray to help you get to the beach – but only enough for 3 sprays! Use them wisely for they are your only cleansing fluids.

    * Use the accelerometer to turn left/right
    * Use the water spray and the wipers to clean your windshield
    * Mustang GT begins at 40 mph and increases in speed to 130 mph

    Features: Mosquitoes, Fire flies, Lady bugs, June bugs, Dragon flies, Locusts, Sparrows, Pigeons, Seagulls, Water spray, Windshield wipers, Rain, Night time.

    Project Type: iPhone Game
    Category: Games

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  • iCard Toss

    Remember when you were bored, sitting in the corner of your room and tossing cards trying to get them into the hat? Remember, how you had to then clean up the mess you made? Well, now you can do the same thing, with the safety and comfort of your iPhone.

    Enjoy this time killer app and try to get as many cards in to the hat, using a full (52) deck of cards.

    Included Scenes:
    • Backyard
    • Boys room
    • Girls room
    Included Buckets
    • Top hat
    • Baseball cap
    • Bin
    Difficulty Levels
    • Practice
    • Easy
    • Medium
    • Hard

    OR Add wind to increase the difficulty.

    Project Type: iPhone Game
    Category: Games

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